McAvoy Massage

McAvoy Massage owners, Leila and Aaron McAvoy, are happy to welcome back their customers during these stressful times. Aaron explains, “As medical practitioners have an obligation to provide a safe space for our clients and ourselves. We follow the Responsible Restart Ohio, Department of Health guidelines for massage therapy.” This includes: disinfecting all contactable surfaces before and after each massage, using hand sanitizer, providing clean linens for each customer, and monitoring the therapist’s temperature and blood oxygenation levels every day and posting to a white board on their office door. The McAvoy’s request that everyone wear face masks, as they do, and be prepared to have their temperature and blood oxygenation monitored with a forehead, non-touch, thermometer and a finger, non-stick, oxygenation sensor. They also require customers to call or text when they arrive for their appointments.

Leila shares that “touch is a cornerstone of living. We touch the food we eat, the air we breathe, the earth as we walk. Massage is a sacred and ancient practice. We are mindfully dedicated to that which promotes the clinical application of our trade.” The McAvoy’s are proud to serve the community by providing medical and clinical massage therapy treatments that focus on custom treatments that are a thorough blending of multiple modalities within the scope of medical massage therapy, according to individual needs.