Ginger Asian Kitchen

Ginger Asian Kitchen is a fast-casual take on fine-dining quality Asian cuisine. You build your own customized bowl of only your favorite fresh ingredients from start to finish, so that your meal is specifically tailored for you. After choosing your rice, protein and vegetables you top the dish off with one or more of our hand-made sauces, which are prepared on-site with only the freshest produce and highest quality ingredients. Combine this with a very exclusive ready-to-order sushi menu and you have Ginger Hibachi Grill. Party trays available.

Keeping the balance between authentic Asian classic themes and innovative contemporary ideas is how the entire restaurant is designed. We take traditional techniques and flavors from a variety of Asian cuisines, and allow you to fuse them together with a modern twist, creating a sensational assortment of customizable dishes that are guaranteed to stand out from any other fast-casual restaurant.