Briarwood Studios Flower Essences

Flower Essences: Handcrafted Flower Essences, Individual Consultations, Custom Blends, Floral Mists, and Teaching/Workshops.

Flower essences are made from fresh blossoms infused in water, activated in sunlight, and preserved with brandy. They support balance in our emotional responses and help us transform our lives. Our collection of 41 flower essences is handcrafted from flowers in forest, field and garden in Athens, Ohio and the coastal South Carolina Lowcountry

Our Rose and Lavender floral mists for face and body are lightly fragranced, uplifting blends of botanical waters loaded with the goodness of water-steam distilled hydrosols and flower essences.

Do you want a guided experience with flower essences? We offer private consultations and a 1 oz. custom blend of flower essences selected from our library of 250 flower essences from makers around the world. Consults available for adults, children, and pets.

Dr. Katherine Ziff of Briarwood Studios is a flower essence maker and practitioner. She received her flower essence training from the Flower Essence Society and the FES professional practitioner certification in 2014.

Our flower essences, custom blends, and floral mists are available for contactless pick up at at our studio in Athens. Delivery in the Athens area is available as is shipment via USPS Priority Mail.